Thursday, November 8, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection: Evening Gray, Stolen Moment, and Round Midnight Eyeshadows

To those of you who are tired of seeing my reviews and swatches of MAC's holiday collection, I'm sorry! But today I have yet another one for you (only two more, I swear!) concerning the eyeshadows from the collection. I was really pleased that they embossed a design into the shadows rather than having them look exactly the same as all of their permanent eyeshadows but I am a little disappointed they used the same design that they did for the In Extra Dimension collection a few months back.

That aside, I was really impressed with a lot of the eyeshadows in the collection but a few of them were very similar to products I already owned. These three are not the most unique ever, but they really caught my eye and I didn't have anything like them, so I got them! The colors I've shown are Evening Gray, Stolen Moment, and Round Midnight (the swatches are in that order, by the way). I bought Evening Gray primarily because I thought it was a really nice holiday color and because I don't think I own any silver eyeshadows. Stolen Moment and Round Midnight are probably two of my favorite purchases from this collection because I think they're beautiful and I love the purple undertones in the second color, which is my favorite of these three shadows.

As you may be able to tell from the pictures, these are very pigmented and I was very impressed with them. They also feel very smooth in the pan and are so buttery, but some of the colors are a bit stiffer and harder to blend. This is more an issue with the darker colors, though, and not so much with the lighter ones. Overall I was just really impressed with the level of pigmentation and the colors themselves are gorgeous, even the ones I didn't buy - though I was extremely tempted by a deep purple and dark navy.

I highly recommend these colors as I think they add wonderfully to any eyeshadow-lover's collection and they really are worth the money you pay for them. I have no regrets!

Monday, November 5, 2012

#instagram (2)

I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I'd just share with you guys some of my recent instagram photos! You may notice that basically all of my photos are of food. And that's because...well, to be honest, I don't have an excuse for that other than I just really love food! :) Hope you guys enjoy these little snippets of my life.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection: Easy Manner Blush

Today the reviews of MAC's holiday collection Glamour Daze continues with the one of the three blushes released with the collection. When I was swatching the blushes in the store I thought the other two were gorgeous but were a tad bit too dark for my complexion, so I only picked up this one called Easy Manner.

This is another holiday product that really lives up to its name! While it's not the most unique color ever, I love it because it applies easily and looks so natural on my skin. It leans more towards the powdery side but I don't mind too much because if you don't pack it on that powderiness doesn't translate on the cheeks. It's glowy but not overtly so which makes it perfect for my oily skin! It's also quite buildable so it can be used with a light hand for a natural, easy flush or it can be packed on a little more to make your cheeks more bold if that's the look you're going for.

The only gripe I have with this one is the packaging. I was hoping that MAC would do something a little more unique and holiday-esque with the packaging of the single products (eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, lip glosses) but they didn't really, other than making the black exterior glossier and printing the brand name in white. It's a bit of a let down as it doesn't distinguish these holiday products from the permanent MAC products as much as I'd hoped. The face kits, however, are a different story - but I'll save that for another review!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection: Catch My Eye Fluidline

This will be the first post of many to come that will concern the recently launched holiday collection by MAC, titled Glamour Daze! The first product I'm reviewing from this collection is the limited edition fluidline called Catch My Eye.

Indeed, this product really did catch my eye from the minute I laid my eyes on the collection! Eyeliner is probably my favorite part of my makeup routine because I think it's what makes the most difference in my makeup and I don't feel quite as comfortable without it. This color is a beautiful silver-gray with bits of gold sparkle in it. I don't think the sparkle shows up as dramatically as one might expect, especially if you're just drawing a thin line, but it does come through especially when you're standing in direct light. The contrast of the gold shimmer and the silver of the gel liner itself really makes this feel like a holiday eyeliner, which I love! It makes me feel so festive and it really gets me excited for the coming holiday season (2 more months!).

As with all of MAC's fluidlines the formula of this is great. It's creamy and glides on effortlessly and it really will stay all day! I also find that fluidlines are actually quite waterproof which I didn't realize until a couple months ago - it was raining so heavily that day and I got caught outdoors on a school retreat. Literally all my makeup was washed off except my eyeliner, and I happened to be wearing MAC's fluidline in Dark Diversion. Now I don't know about you, but that's what I call incredible.

Story time aside, I really do love this eyeliner. It doesn't define my eyes quite as much as a black or dark brown but it does give your eyes a soft sort of definition. This also looks great on the lower lashline since the color isn't so harsh. All in all this is definitely a product I'd recommend checking out from the collection, especially if you're an eyeliner fanatic like myself.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bobbi Brown 'Razzberry' Creamy Matte Lip Color

Being one of those people who are searching for their perfect matte lipstick, I was dying to try out Bobbi Brown's new line of matte lipsticks when it was released a little while back. It wasn't till a couple weeks ago, though, that I finally bit the bullet and bought one to try out.

The color I have is in Razzberry, which is described by Bobbi Brown as a "medium red berry". Personally I think that's an adequate enough description though there are some more pink undertones to this shade as well. The packaging is sleek, it's pretty reminiscent of the MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks in terms of the shape of the casing and the lipstick itself. The formula, however, is very different. This lipstick glides on effortlessly and it's completely opaque in one swipe, which is really great if you're in a rush and don't have time to layer it up for a more intense color. The color is not completely matte on the lips, it still has a bit of a sheen to it but that fades with time. The lipstick itself, however, does not. I didn't test how long it actually stayed on before it faded because I applied this in the afternoon and removed it when I had dinner, but about six hours passed in that time and I didn't notice much fading, if any.

The only thing that I don't like about it is that it's not as moisturizing as Bobbi Brown claims. I didn't find it drying, necessarily, but after six hours it had begun to feel a little uncomfortable and I'm not sure I would have been able to wear it for much longer after that. It also has a tendency to emphasize dry patches on your lips, as most matte formulas do, so I'd recommend using a lip balm before applying this.

Overall I would recommend it but only if you don't mind doing some prep work before you actually use the lipstick. I love this color, personally, especially for this time of year! It's a beautiful deep berry shade that goes well with almost any look and will complement most skin tones, I think.

Have you tried these new lipsticks? What do you think?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection Haul!

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry the blog hasn't been seeing a lot of love lately, but the weather here has been awful and I haven't really been able to find good lighting to take photographs. Luckily though the weather let up for a little bit today and I snapped some photos of some products I picked up from one of MAC's new collections, Glamour Daze!

- Easy Manner Blush
- Evening Grey, Stolen Moment, and Round Midnight eyeshadows
- Catch My Eye Fluidline
- Talk Softly to Me and Deliciously Demure lip glasses
- Innocence and Outrageously Fun lipsticks
- All for Glamour Touch Up Kit

I am in love with the packaging for this collection! Though the items in this collection are quite expensive, especially with the face kits, I think that you can really see where your money is going in terms of packaging. Some of the other eyeshadow kits didn't interest me because even though the packaging was beautiful, the quality of the eyeshadows themselves were just not worth it, in my opinion. I'm really excited to test all these out and will definitely try to have reviews up as soon as possible!

And since we were on the topic of the weather earlier, I just want to wish all of you east-coasters good luck in the face of the hurricane. Stay safe guys! <3

Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm a Guest Poster!

Hi everyone! Today's post is really going to be a very quick one since I just wanted to let you guys know that I recently wrote a guest post over at another beauty blog, The Beauty of Louise. She writes great reviews and has a ton of new guest posts up lately, so you should definitely go check it out. If you want to read my post about my tips for oily skin, just click here! :)

Hope you guys have had a great week, and I'll see you soon. xx