Saturday, November 3, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection: Catch My Eye Fluidline

This will be the first post of many to come that will concern the recently launched holiday collection by MAC, titled Glamour Daze! The first product I'm reviewing from this collection is the limited edition fluidline called Catch My Eye.

Indeed, this product really did catch my eye from the minute I laid my eyes on the collection! Eyeliner is probably my favorite part of my makeup routine because I think it's what makes the most difference in my makeup and I don't feel quite as comfortable without it. This color is a beautiful silver-gray with bits of gold sparkle in it. I don't think the sparkle shows up as dramatically as one might expect, especially if you're just drawing a thin line, but it does come through especially when you're standing in direct light. The contrast of the gold shimmer and the silver of the gel liner itself really makes this feel like a holiday eyeliner, which I love! It makes me feel so festive and it really gets me excited for the coming holiday season (2 more months!).

As with all of MAC's fluidlines the formula of this is great. It's creamy and glides on effortlessly and it really will stay all day! I also find that fluidlines are actually quite waterproof which I didn't realize until a couple months ago - it was raining so heavily that day and I got caught outdoors on a school retreat. Literally all my makeup was washed off except my eyeliner, and I happened to be wearing MAC's fluidline in Dark Diversion. Now I don't know about you, but that's what I call incredible.

Story time aside, I really do love this eyeliner. It doesn't define my eyes quite as much as a black or dark brown but it does give your eyes a soft sort of definition. This also looks great on the lower lashline since the color isn't so harsh. All in all this is definitely a product I'd recommend checking out from the collection, especially if you're an eyeliner fanatic like myself.

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