Friday, September 21, 2012

Agnes b. Mascara Crescendo

I posted a few days ago about the Agnes b. blush in Rose d'or and I mentioned that it was one of a few products I decided to pick up from the line when I found it in the States. Today I have a review for another one of the products I bought: the Agnes b. Mascara Crescendo.

This claims to be a lengthening and fortifying mascara, which promises to double up as a treatment for your lashes in order to make them grow longer and stronger. When I first tried this out, I couldn't really decide whether I liked it or not. I noticed there were small fibers that clung to the thin bristled wand and got transferred to my lashes when I applied the mascara, and while I think they definitely made my lashes look longer, I've tried other mascaras with fibers and those seem to work better. The formula is more on the wet side, which I normally don't like but the wand really allows me to separate my lashes so they don't clump up. It's not as black as I would like, though the pigmentation is decent and isn't a huge dealbreaker for me since I have naturally dark lashes already.

No mascara // two coats of mascara
I'm not sure how to respond to claims that it works as a treatment because I don't reach for it every day, but even when I use it for long periods of time I don't noticed much of a difference in the strength of my lashes so I'd say that claim is a bit of a hoax. Overall, I do like this mascara but more for clean, every day looks where I just want my lashes to stand out but still look natural. For more dramatic looks, I wouldn't really recommend this simply because it doesn't build up to anything really drastic in terms of length and volume. That being said, I wouldn't repurchase this simply because it was such an expensive product and I don't feel that it was really worth the money. This mascara will probably work best for those with already long, voluminous lashes that don't need much help.

Have you tried any Agnes b. mascaras?


  1. I really like the way it makes your lashes look, I really like the elf waterproof/regular mascara duo right now.

    1. I haven't tried that one, I haven't been able to find any ELF products :(

  2. I think it looks nice on your lashes but agree it's probably more suitable for a day/natural look ox

  3. J'adore! Love your review! I found it very helpful :)

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