Sunday, September 30, 2012

Live While We're Young (Playlist #2)

Is it lame of me to add a One Direction song to this week's playlist? I don't usually listen to a lot of their songs but I've been really obsessed with this one - it's just so catchy and fun! Plus, how cute does Harry look in this video? ;)

Aaaaand my Imagine Dragons obsession continues. I've loved this song for a while and can't believe it's not on iTunes, I want to have it on my iPod so badly! I can't stop listening to it and this song just proves to me how amazing this band is. Is it even possible for them to come out with a bad song?

Corey Gray is an independent (I think?) YouTube artist and I'm in love with this song. It's beautiful and the music video is just too cute! I've been listening to this nonstop and I really think it was about time for me to officially declare my love for Corey.

I found this song through a Lookbook-esque video that I saw, and since I watched that video I'm obsessed with this song! It's not usually the type of song that I would deem as being my type, but it's very catchy and fun. Plus, they all look absolutely stunning! I'm crazy obsessed with their makeup, and Jade's hair.

This song reminds me a bit of Ed Sheeran's music, and I think Nina Nesbitt was actually featured in one of his songs so it's funny that I think that. I love her makeup in this video, she's absolutely gorgeous and this song is so addicting. The music video is adorable! I'll definitely be keeping up with Nina's music from now on.

That's it for this playlist! I'm getting the feeling that these will be a really common feature here on this blog, since I'm always finding/becoming obsessed with new music. I hope you guys are enjoying these!

What songs have you been listening to lately? Seriously, tell me! I'd love some recommendations. :)

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