Monday, October 1, 2012

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge

Make Up For Ever recently added the Aqua Rouge line of liquid lipsticks to their well-loved waterproof makeup line, and the other day I picked up two colors to test out. I'm a huge fan of their Aqua Cream eyeshadows and their Aqua Liners, so this purchase was pretty much a no brainer for me.

I loved the packaging from the get go, it's very classy but simple at the same time. It's functional as well which is what I look for the most in products. On one end there's a liquid lipstick and on the other there's a clear gloss. The lipstick end has a medium sized doefoot applicator while the lip gloss has a brush applicator. Personally I'm not a fan of the brush applicator on the gloss end since it's a bit hard, especially when it's new, and it will scratch off some of the lipstick if you apply it before the lipstick has dried and set. The gloss itself, however, is very shiny and nonsticky, which I love, though it's not very long lasting. I don't really mind though because I bought the product mainly for the lipstick, not the gloss.

As you can see it's very pigmented, just one swipe and your lips will be totally coated in color. I love the two colors I picked because they're so appropriate for the upcoming seasons, though because I did pick darker colors I can't speak to the pigmentation of the Aqua Rouge line as a whole. These two colors, however, are absolutely fantastic. They're so long lasting and feel very comfortable on the lips. Though they're not hydrating, I don't find them drying either, and the lip gloss on the other end helps to keep the lips from feeling dehydrated and uncomfortable. They're shiny at first but dry down to a semi-matte finish, unless you add the gloss on top.

Adding the gloss helps the color to look more smooth and prevent it from seeming like it's sinking into your lip lines. Even after the gloss wears off though the color will still be there and it will stay for a very long time. When I was testing these out they lasted through most of the day, including a meal! These swatches on my hand also took a long time to come off, even though I was scrubbing at my hand with soap and water. Even though these are a bit more pricey I say that they're definitely worth it for the color and for the wear time. I haven't tried too many other liquid lipsticks besides the Yves Saint Laurent one, though I do have the Guerlain ones set aside to be reviewed at a later date, but I think that fans of the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lip products will really enjoy these (for a cheaper price).

What do you think of the MUFE Aqua Rouges? Were you a fan? What other liquid lipsticks do you like?

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