Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Take a Bite: New York Grill (Tokyo)

Given my supreme love of food and basically anything edible, I thought this Take a Bite series would be a nice one to feature on my blog. For my first feature (sorry for having so many photos!) I decided to talk about the New York Grill, which is a restaurant in the Park Hyatt Tokyo. It's pretty pricey though, so I would save this one for special occasions when you really want to go all out for your meal.

The food is absolutely incredible and they're known for their amazing selection of steaks. The one I ordered is the Yonezawa Sirloin steak which is very thin and has a higher fat content than most steaks but I think personally it's really delicious and has a lot of flavor. My brother ordered the Omi Tenderloin which he also really enjoyed as it doesn't have much fat and is a very thick piece of meat. My mom doesn't take beef so she ordered something else, and luckily this restaurant also offers an extensive selection of seafood and other grilled meats. It's also common to order a few side dishes to share with the whole table. I highly recommend the duck fat french fries because they're a much classier take on what might otherwise be a fast food meal. The mashed potatoes were also really creamy and had a lot of flavor, and they go really well with the steaks.

Dessert is also such a treat, my mom and I ordered the chocolate pudding to share and it was so delicious and rich. Servings here are quite large so I recommend sharing dishes with the people at your table as it makes it much easier to finish the food and doesn't waste money. The service here is great, I felt like all of the employees really knew the menu well and could recommend good dishes based on your preference. The chef is also very willing to come out and talk to you about the food, so I felt really welcomed and assured that I would enjoy my food.

What are some of your favorite restaurants?

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