Sunday, September 16, 2012

Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask

A few weeks ago I was looking for some sheet masks to try out, having heard many good things about them from both friends and the online beauty community. Since my skin has been suffering some dryness and flaking lately, I decided to pick up a box of Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Masks at the recommendation of my friend. 

Each box comes with 5 sheets of individually packaged sheet masks. Neutrogena claims that the masks are an intensive facial treatment that replenishes and restores moisture in order to achieve deeply hydrated and bouncy skin. It also boldly claims that "each mask instantly boosts skin's moisture level 12 times with a penetrating Vitamin C formula". 

While I can't speak to the claim that it boosts your moisture level 12 times (I'm not even sure I know how to measure that!) these definitely do leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. The sheet mask fit my face almost perfectly and I had no trouble keeping it on for 15 minutes. I actually left it on a little longer and when I removed it and massaged the excess fluid into my skin, it left my face feeling very smooth and totally got rid of my dry patches! This is also a very gentle mask, and I know that my friend's younger sister (who is thirteen years old) also uses them with good results. 

I got these for a relatively cheap price. One box was about $90HKD (equivalent to about $12USD), so each mask alone is only $18HKD (a little over $2USD). In my opinion, that's an amazing deal for such a great product! I highly recommend these for those with dry, parched skin, or even just for those who feel like they could use a bit of moisture back. 

Have you tried these masks? What other hydrating masks are you a fan of?

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