Thursday, November 8, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Collection: Evening Gray, Stolen Moment, and Round Midnight Eyeshadows

To those of you who are tired of seeing my reviews and swatches of MAC's holiday collection, I'm sorry! But today I have yet another one for you (only two more, I swear!) concerning the eyeshadows from the collection. I was really pleased that they embossed a design into the shadows rather than having them look exactly the same as all of their permanent eyeshadows but I am a little disappointed they used the same design that they did for the In Extra Dimension collection a few months back.

That aside, I was really impressed with a lot of the eyeshadows in the collection but a few of them were very similar to products I already owned. These three are not the most unique ever, but they really caught my eye and I didn't have anything like them, so I got them! The colors I've shown are Evening Gray, Stolen Moment, and Round Midnight (the swatches are in that order, by the way). I bought Evening Gray primarily because I thought it was a really nice holiday color and because I don't think I own any silver eyeshadows. Stolen Moment and Round Midnight are probably two of my favorite purchases from this collection because I think they're beautiful and I love the purple undertones in the second color, which is my favorite of these three shadows.

As you may be able to tell from the pictures, these are very pigmented and I was very impressed with them. They also feel very smooth in the pan and are so buttery, but some of the colors are a bit stiffer and harder to blend. This is more an issue with the darker colors, though, and not so much with the lighter ones. Overall I was just really impressed with the level of pigmentation and the colors themselves are gorgeous, even the ones I didn't buy - though I was extremely tempted by a deep purple and dark navy.

I highly recommend these colors as I think they add wonderfully to any eyeshadow-lover's collection and they really are worth the money you pay for them. I have no regrets!


  1. they look so pretty! i deffo need to check them out!


  2. these look amazing!!!
    i reviewed some new products in my latest post! would loovvee if you'd take aloookk xxxxx followweedd lul